The Purepecha, an indigenous Indian tribe of between 2,000 and 6,000 migrant farm working families (depending on the ‘picking season’), originating from Michoacan, Mexico, now reside and work in Coachella Valley, California and have been described by the Los Angeles Times as the “poorest of the poor.”

One hot summer day, a young Latina youth, Stephanie Maldonado, from a disadvantaged city neighborhood, sets out to discover that many who reside in Duroville, a dilapidated and broken down trailer park, are just minutes from one of the most wealthiest tourist destinations and provider of a billion dollar crop industry. It is here, despite inadequate living or working conditions, that the Purepecha still remain dutifully providing much of the harvesting of America’s fruits and vegetables.

In this young Latina’s journey, she and many community organizers such as, Arturo S. Rodriguez III (UFW President) and news anchor/reporters, Tamara Damante (KESQ-Ch.3) and Elizabeth Espinosa (KTLA-Ch.5) unveil the social injustices among those exploited, yet are the most honest, hard-working, family-oriented successful members of our society.

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Under the helm of INDIVISION2000 Productions, Leader won Universal’s Hispanic Film Project for “Tanto Tiempo,” which showcased in the U.S.syndication nationally hosted by Edward James Olmos and garnered her AV/Video Multimedia’s Top 100 Producers, a Gold Apple (National Educational Film & Video Festival), two CINE Golden Eagles in D.C., two National Best Short Film Titles, an induction to NY’s MOMA and a special screening at the Annenberg Theater in the Palm Springs Desert Museum.

Most recently, INDIVISION2000 Productions was responsible for "The Human Rights Agenda" for the Intl.Assoc.of Official Human Rights Agencies; Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty"’s 16-week
on-line web sessions of success building tools (Financial Literacy, Authentic Voice & Advocacy, Public Speaking, Negotiation) promoting ethical development and empowering women to act as agents of positive social change for themselves and their community; as well as, "Healthy Homes," a dvd project & PSA (featuring Christine Devine & Rick Quintero - Fox11 News) & Daryl Sabara (Juni Cortez, Spy Kids) educating youth on the importance of environmental safety, lead poisoning, at-home safety from unintentional injuries and potential asthma triggers.

Founded in 1995, INDIVISION2000 Productions is dedicated to producing quality educational projects depicting positive multiracial/ethnic images in English/Spanish for the Latino community.

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