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Robert M. Womack

Director of Photography/Editor

Stephanie Maldonado

Tamara Damante

KESQ-Ch.3 News Anchor/Reporter

Elizabeth Espinosa
KTLA - Ch. 5 News Reporter

Arturo S. Rodriquez III

UFW President

Tom Flynn

Court Appointed Receiver, Duroville

Sergio Carranza

Pueblo Unidos CDC

Sr. Gabriella Williams, O.P.
Diocese of San Bernardino * Dominican Sister of Oakford

Arturo Rodriquez
California Rural Legal Assistance

Leobardo Jimenez
Miguel & Maria Gonzales

Purepecha Council & Members

SDI Media Group
Translation & Subtitles

Jacqueline & Jennifer Pena

"While some are undocumented, some are resident aliens,
and some are United States citizens; it is this complicated combination of
immigration statuses which places many of the residents at Duroville in the
crossroads of our Nation’s incongruous immigration and agricultural policies -
That, on the one hand, portend that undocumented workers lack legal status
while at the same time predicating the economic efficiency of an agricultural
industry on their hard work, it appears that we have, once again, established
a rather ‘peculiar institution’ to service our agrarian needs."

U.S. District Court Judge, Stephen G. Larson
Central District of California
April, 30 2009