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I just watched your film and loved it. Being able to see it is an immeasurable help in our reporting process.
Solly Granatstein
Producer - CBS 2, 60 Minutes

We thought it was constructed pretty well
Grace Escobar
Riverside County Transportation & Land Mgmt Agency

Keep at it. The plight of the immigrant is one we all share. But when we shun these capable and industrious people who arrive on our soil to better themselves and our country, we sacrifice that vitality and urge to grow that has made America the envy of the world. This film embodies the ongoing struggle to remind this nation of its past and spur it into a shining future.
Lindsey Schmitz
Culver City, CA

Great documentary! I saw the film and found it to be inspirational.

I'm Purhepecha and I know just how some of these people feel. Many of my family members still live and work in those conditions, not just in California but in different parts of the U.S.
Oscar Carrillo Baltazar
Los Angeles, CA

I'm really proud of your work! You ROCK!! Hugs

Roxana Bellia
Long Beach, CA

Congratulations! We get the Long Beach Press Telegram and I saved the article. We are so proud and happy that you are able to film and get the attention to help these people. Your passion to do what you love is truly a gift! Wishing you continued success!
Becky & Christina Garcia
Pasadena, CA

I just saw your film today at the Indio Performing Arts Center and met the girls as well..your film was so wonderfully done and a real eye opener for the rest of so close. After seeing it, I had a hard time at the club we belong to this evening, enjoying the luxurious environment and cocktail party we were at. So many people suffer and we only see a small part of it.

Thanks for bringing to light a serious problem we are all in a lot of ways, responsible for.

Sonja Abate
Indian Wells, CA

It was my pleasure and honor to introduce you, your films and Tamara Damante. I thought both of your films were great. The Purepecha film is a very important film with a great cause. I thought the panel was incredible. What great people, from former Judge Larson, the court receiver, Tom Flynn, to Sergio, Michael and Sister Gabi. They give me faith in humanity. Anyway, IPAC's General Manager mentioned to me that there may be an event there at some point in support of Duroville. I told him to count me in in terms of me performing there musically.
Mark Guererro
Palm Desert, CA.

Thank you so much for screening your movies this weekend at the CVLIFF. The Purepecha was very moving. I've had the opportunity to visit the park on a couple of occasions and have been very moved by the people who have found themselves in a difficult situation. Maybe IPAC can help you with getting some help to the people in the park. I would like to see if we can be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.
Pat Melvin, Artistic Director
Indio Performing Arts Center

I was pretty amazed and shocked how people in Coachella Valley cohabitate.  I now know that just because we are in the United States, and live in California, doesn't mean everyone has a nice home and food to eat everyday.  I would have to say it opened my eyes more to what is really going on around our state and country.  It made me think about how I can help others and make a difference by exploring things, and learning about others who are in need of help. 
Samantha Valencia
Cerritos College

It makes me stop and think about how other persons survive and live and the history behind every fruit and vegetable in our grocery store.
Sergio Curiel
Cerritos College